Friday, July 10, 2009

New Wooden Wall Letters

I have a confession to make...I absolutely LOVE tattoos! With that said, I also don't have the nerve to get one, but, I must admit that I constantly find myself admiring the body art of my friends!

So, what does that have to do with nursery decor? I'm glad you asked! We recently added a ton of new wooden wall letters for your child's nursery, and, my absolute fave is designed to resemble tattoo art!

Shown here are our Lilly Tattoo-Inspired Wooden Wall Letters. The attention to detail on these wall letters is simply amazing! They are available in two sizes; each 8" letter is available for $25.00, and a 10" letter is also available for $27.00. The 8" size is perfect for spelling out your child's name, or, if you would prefer to stick to one letter or your child's initials, the 10" option makes a great choice!