Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now & Forever Cradle by Green Frog Art

Talk about bang for your buck! If you're looking for a cradle that will serve your child beyond those first few months of infancy, look no further than the Now and Forever Cradle by Green Frog Art. Clean and elegant in design, this stunning furnishing is available in two finishes (chocolate mist and white) to perfectly coordinate any baby's nursery decor.

Standard features of the Now and Forever cradle include the basics of what you need from a newborn's cradle with the added bonus of the elegant and safe design we have come to love and expect from Green Frog Art furnishings. After the baby has outgrown the cradle and moves into a crib, the cradle may be adjusted for beautiful toy storage or as a toddler loveseat, offering you two different furnishing options during the remainder of the crib years!

Once your child is ready to move on to a "big bed," the Now and Forever Cradle offers a twin bed conversion kit, allowing it to be used as a fourth furnishing option! Simply purchase a twin mattress and you're all set!

The Now and Forever Cradle retails for just $399.00 (remember to join our email newsletter to save an additional 10% off your order!) Additional options you may order include:
  • Color Selection (free of charge): Available in Chocolate Mist (as shown) or White
  • Cradle Rockers
  • Cradle Drawer
  • Twin Bed Conversion Kit
Preview the Now and Forever Cradle by Green Frog Art here!