Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exclusive Crib Bedding by New Arrivals: Susan Jane Crib Bedding

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Luxury Baby Nursery family...the *exclusive* Susan Jane Crib Bedding Set by New Arrivals, Inc., which is only available at Luxury Baby Nursery!

As you likely noticed, Susan Jane has a very different name from New Arrivals other crib bedding sets, and, there is a very special reason for that. The Susan Jane Crib Bedding Set was named after our mother, who passed away last year after a tragic, sudden accident. As baby nursery designers, we chose to honor our mother in the way we knew best - by designing a custom crib bedding set which featured her favorite colors and patterns.

The Susan Jane Crib Bedding Set is what we describe as a shabby chic crib bedding set which features all of our mother's favorites. Her favorite colors were pink and blue, and, these colors accent the Roses for Bella crib bumper that sets the tone for this custom crib bedding set. Accented by Lil Pink Dottie and Thin Blue Stripe fabrics, Pink Pom Poms add the perfect finishing touch to the tailored crib skirt, ensuring that no detail of this luxury crib bedding set has been left untouched.

As an introductory special, we are offering the Susan Jane Crib Bedding set at a huge discounted price of 20% off (an incredible savings of $110.40!!!) But of course, there's more...

As our mother inspired the Susan Jane Collection, one lucky winner will enjoy a FREE Susan Jane Crib Bedding set of their own! Entry to this contest is simple and free (as in, no purchase necessary!) All you have to do is submit an essay (no minimum or maximum length - just speak from the heart and let your feelings flow). Tells us about the impact your own mother had on your life. Please note: Your story does not have to be all peaches and cream! If your mother was a miracle working saint who made your childhood perfect, tell us about it! Likewise, if you didn't even know your mother, tell us about the impact that had on your life as well! There are no "right or wrong" submissions to this contest - if you're words come from your heart, that is the only "right" entry we're looking for.

To learn more about our FREE Susan Jane Crib Bedding Contest, click here!