Friday, December 5, 2008

Coming to Luxury Baby Nursery: Product Reviews

Being an internet-based business owner, I've had the priviledge of meeting some really, really great work-at-home moms who are all trying to accomplish the same dream of being able to provide for their families without having to leave the home. Being a work-at-home mama comes with many benefits - don't get me wrong - it's hard work balancing the day-to-day operations of an internet-based business while trying to raise a family! But, we somehow manage to do it, and the rewards are well worth the sleep deprivation we often suffer from! One thing we all agree on is this: nothing is more important than being there for our children, and owning a home-based business allows us to work and care for our families together!

I also realize many of you don't visit this blog just to read about my business! I'll be the first to admit there is more to life than Luxury Baby Nursery, and, I think it's high time I introduce you to some of the best shops on the web! What's best about this new feature? Each featured boutique is owned by a mama!

I want to make it clear that the websites we highlight have not paid us for their reviews. Many blog owners charge business owners a fee to have their business featured; that is not my practice at Luxury Baby Nursery. If I give a product a review, it is because I truly love it, and, I wholeheartedly believe you will too!

So, every Friday, be on the lookout for a new featured website! Happy shopping!