Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Site Design at Luxury Baby Nursery

Christmas came early to Luxury Baby Nursery in the form of a new site design! As an early Christmas gift, my "man friend" (those of you who saw Sex and the City get that!), George, bought me a design by Storybook Sites! I think the design is beautiful, but, wanna know what makes it more special? The models on the home page are me and my children! For those of you who have seen baby pictures of Maddy, you know the little girl looks strikingly like Madison did when she was little! Maddy has always had an exotic look to her, and, her expression is really captured in this drawing! The little boy - well, his personality just seems like Nick's to me! He looks content as can be, and, that's definitely my little boy's personality! And of course, who could ignore the fashionista mother? LOL! Let's just say I aimed a little high with that one!