Monday, December 15, 2008

Hand Painted Drawer Knobs: The Perfect Finishing Touch!

At Luxury Baby Nursery, we are especially proud of our collection of unique, custom, hand painted children's furnishings and decorative artwork that make your baby's nurery extra special. Now, imagine you have everything in your baby's nursery set, but, something still just doesn't seem "right." For such instances, we have the perfect idea in mind - hand painted drawer knobs! Our collection of hand painted drawer knobs is truly unique; we currently offer drawer knobs to match just about every baby nursery theme and color scheme featured at Luxury Baby Nursery. The image to the right is my absolute favorite; it is the Eiffel Tower Knob by Nikki's Character Creations, and, it is the perfect compliment to our Parisian Chic nusery theme collection! Each hand painted drawer knob measures 2" and is ultra affordable at $11.99 per piece.